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FAQ Stuff you should know

How are payments handled?

All payments are handled by Stripe. Your credit card information is handled directly by Stripe and does not pass through our servers. No credit card information is stored by this site.

Do I need to install any software for a the tutoring session?

No. All you need is a modern web browser (chrome, firefox, or safari). The first two are free and can be installed on any operating system.

Can I use Internet Explorer?

No. Not at this time.

Can I use a tablet or phone?

Not yet. You need a laptop or a desktop computer for the tutoring session to work properly.

Will you guarantee that I will pass my class?

No. Nobody can do that. All I can do is to improve your understanding of the subject. If you understand the material, you will do fine.

I just want someone to do my homework for me. Will you do that?

No. I'm happy to help you do your homework, with the goal of improving your understanding to the point where you can do it yourself.